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HO #15; 9/24/08 CE 166 Construction Engineering Fall 2008 Problem Set 3 Due: October 1, 2008; Total: 100 points 1. Before the September 2002 strike by the crane operators at the Port of Oakland, on average 12 ships were unloaded by crane operators every day. During the strike, management staff substituted for the crane operators. During the first day of the strike, one manager was unloading ships at the rate of 1 every 4 hours while working an 8-hour day. After the first day, three additional cranes were manned by management staff. On day 5, President Bush ordered the crane operators to return to work, and work as many hours per day as necessary to catch up to the original production rate by the end of day 11. a) Once the strike was over, at what daily rate did the ships have to be unloaded by the crane operators to catch up to the normal productivity by the end of day 11? (20 points) b) What would the total delay be if the crane operators caught up by the end of day 11? (10 points) c) What is the average delay for each ship? (10 points)
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