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PS6-08 - a Identify one area of design(excluding the bridge...

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HO #24; 11/07/08 CE 166 Construction Engineering Fall 2008 Problem Set 6 Total: 100 points Due: December 8, 2008 Please work in teams of 2 for this assignment. Watch the 2- hour video “Super Bridge” in class on November 7, and take good notes in order to answer the below questions. The video will not be repeated. 1. Describe the Clark Bridge construction process, starting with the foundation/pier construction. Be specific about the steps and the sequence of the processes, the techniques, the materials, the equipment used, and the safety aspects. You do not need to focus on costs. Graphics (figures, sketches) will be helpful for explanation. Your description should be succinct, yet complete (~2 pages long). (35 points) 2. You are asked to perform a value engineering (VE) review of the new Clark Bridge.
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Unformatted text preview: a. Identify one area of design (excluding the bridge deck) where you could apply VE, and describe in detail an alternative for this “problematic” area. Be as specific as you can, and explain your reasoning. Limit your answer to 1 page. (10 points) b. Identify and describe one site layout VE opportunity. (10 points) 3. If you had to change the type of the bridge deck, what technically feasible alternative design/technology would you recommend? Hold the basic bridge type (cable-stayed) constant. Ignore economics. Support your argument with a process description, including a discussion of constructability, materials, and equipment as appropriate. Use graphics as appropriate. You will likely need to use additional literature or sources (which you should reference). (45 points)...
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