hw8 - CE 167 Engineering Project Management Field Trip...

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CE 167: Engineering Project Management 1/3 Field Trip Report Assignment 8 Field Trip: Thursday and Friday April 3 and 4 , 200 8 Report due: T uesday April 15 , 200 8 Review Due Date: Tuesday April 29, 2008 Final Report Submission: Tuesday May 6 , 200 8 Field Trip Organization We have arranged 3 field trips. You will receive course credit for attending one field trip and submitting a field trip report on it (i.e., the field trip is mandatory). Projects typically can accommodate up to 25 students on a visit. Field trip dates and locations are posted on the class website on http://bspace.berkeley.edu. Please use the website to tell us which one you will participate in. At least one day before the scheduled field trip date, make sure that you have the directions to the site you signed up to visit. If for some reason you have to cancel your attendance, let Prof. Tommelein ( tel. 643-8678) know, or ask a fellow student who is on the field trip to tell GSI Farook Hamzeh , so we won’t be worried and wait at the site for you to show up. It is essential that you arrive at the site punctually and wear the proper, safe clothing! Safety Regulations Make sure you wear long pants and shoes with a sturdy sole when going on a field trip (steel toes preferred, hiking boots are OK, but NO tennis shoes, sandals, or regular street shoes)! At the site, Farook Hamzeh will hand you a hard hat, safety vest, and safety glasses. Students showing up with inappropriate clothing will NOT be allowed to tour the site and this will be considered non-attendance. Field Trip Report A field trip report is due as stipulated at the top of this page. Your report should have an appropriate title, describe a specific project-management issue that you learned about in this course, and how it applied to/was handled on the project you visited. Example subjects are: materials handling, contractual relationships, permitting, planning and scheduling, cost estimating and budget control, resource allocation and leveling (e.g., use of hoist or cranes and
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hw8 - CE 167 Engineering Project Management Field Trip...

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