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Unformatted text preview: UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Structural Engineering, Mechanics and Materials (SEMM) Instructor: Khalid M.Mosalam CE123: Design of RC Structures Spring Semester, 2009 CEE 123 Laboratory Project No. 1 (Due at the beginning of next lab) Objectives: 1. Review load and internal forces calculations 2. Review determination of maximum internal forces 3. Apply ACI 318 approach for LRFD A reinforced concrete floor is shown in the plan view below. The typical beam abcd has the shown statical system below. Service dead uniform load is wD = 100 psf (including self weight) and service live loads in the form of uniform load wL = 200 psf plus a single concentrated load of PL = 10 kips . These live loads can be applied any where in the beam. a) Analyze in a methodical way to determine the maximum factored moment using ACI 318 load factors (LRFD method). b) Using the ACI 318 strength design (LRFD) method, determine the minimum required nominal moment strength at each of sections b, c, and d. Mn Aspect ration < 2, 1-way slab 3-sided slab treated as 1-way 3-sided slab treated as 1-way Aspect ration < 2, 1-way slab 30’ 30’ 10’ a b c d 10’ 10’ ...
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