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lab9 - Do the following problems from your textbook 1...

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UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY Instructor: Khalid M.Mosalam Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering CE123 : Design of RC Structures Structural Engineering, Mechanics and Materials (SEMM) Spring Semester, 2009 CEE 123 Laboratory Project No. 9 (Due 04/27/09 at the beginning of the lecture) Objectives : Consideration of serviceability
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Unformatted text preview: Do the following problems from your textbook: 1) Problem 6.1b 2) Problem 6.2 3) Problem 6.5 Hint : From analysis using principle of virtual work, you can use the following results: 8 2 support at maximum wl M = , 128 9 2 span-mid at maximum wl M = , and EI wl 185 4 maximum = Δ ....
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