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Levels of Writing Style

Levels of Writing Style - Levels of Writing Style 1 Plain...

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Levels of Writing Style 1. Plain – short words and short sentences, straightforward, no frills, no figures of speech. 2. Conversational – informal, commonly spoken style, often rambling, sometimes figures of speech such as people use in talking. 3. Sophisticated – often quite formal, complex sentence structure, often large, specialized words, as in technical vocabulary for certain fields of study, often figures of speech like metaphors, similes and the like. These three “levels” are really three areas on a continuum; an essay will often move back and forth between them, as the situation dictates. Just be able to recognize these different registers of writing and sense what the author is trying to communicate through writing plainly, informally, or in a sophisticated fashion. Examples of Each Style (examples from The Conscious Reader ) 1. Sandra Cisneros, “Hips” pp. 80-83. This verges on the conversational at times as well. 2. Stephen King, “On Writing” pp. 340-344. 3. David Dubal, “The Age of Modernism” pp.363-367. This uses the technical vocabulary of music history, but also uses diction of general cultural sophistication. More Examples of Each Style: A simple style is one with straightforward sentences and simple words.
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