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Chapter Four MOS notes - Chapter Four Ethics in...

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Chapter Four – Ethics in International Business Ethics, as effected by the “Environments” The circumstances that effect ethical considerations in the new millennium are circumstances caused by drastic changes in: o Political environment and the consequent laws and regulation that are established in that region o Social-cultural environment that has been influenced by immigration patterns worldwide and a continued movement of populations from rural to urban places o Technological environment that has effected communications regionally and globally and also effected the work environment and productivity o Economic environment that sees currency fluctuations and international NGO’s like the IMF and World Bank playing a more significant role in national and regional economies o Competitive environment that is causing companies to make decisions in global context and resulting in actions that sometimes negatively effect their employees or customers Rules, regulations, laws, guidelines which may be created to serve the local citizens are now being influenced by events and circumstances far away from the municipality Business ethics – accepted principles of right or wrong governing the conduct of businesspeople Ethical strategy – a course of action that does not violate a company’s business ethics Ethical Issues in International Business Many of the issues are rooted in the fact that political systems, law, economic development, and culture vary significantly from nation to nation Most common ethical business setting, the most common ethical issues involve employment practices, human rights, environmental regulations, corruption, and the moral obligation of multinational corporations Ethics, as Effected by the “Technological Environment” Regional ethical issues can gain international exposure extremely quickly because of new technologies such as the Internet Employment Practices When work conditions in a host country are clearly inferior to the businesses’ home country, what standards should apply? Good way to guard against ethical abuses – establish minimum acceptable standards that safeguard the basic rights and dignity of employees Human Rights Basic human rights are not equally established in all nations: can lead to ethical dilemma’s for international businesses
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Chapter Four MOS notes - Chapter Four Ethics in...

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