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Human Sexuality Notes – Final Exam Chapter 18 – Sex for Sale The exchange of sexual gratification for money is a prominent feature of many contemporary societies and involves large amounts of money. Commercial Sex Work Sex workers are individuals who work as prostitutes, escorts, erotic dancers, etc Maticka-Tyndale: all these involve the sale of a service to ‘satisfy a sexual fantasy, produce sexual excitement or arousal and to provide sexual satisfaction to the customer’ Prostitutes engage in partnered sexual activity or interactions in return for money, material gifts, or some other form of payment (drugs) The buying and selling of sex has never been illegal in Canada – although various activities related to prostitution are criminal offences (prohibits stopping cars, impeding the flow of traffic, or communicating in public for the purposes of engaging in prostitution or obtaining the sexual services of a prostitute Prostitute can be either gender… both prostitutes and customer can be charged Enforcement of these laws is aimed at street prostitutes and their customers to make prostitution less visible Being in a common bawdy house (place in which prostitution occurs), pimping, and living on money made from prostitution are also illegal One criticism of current law is that prostitution is legal – there are no clear guidelines on where it can take place Charges are disproportionately laid on female prostitutes 69% of Canadians believe that prostitution is immoral… men with higher incomes and higher education saw prostitution as less immoral some people argue that prostitution is a victimless crime… prostitution is sex work and is a trade to be regulated like any other trade (should be entitled all the benefits and protection given to other workers) Venues for Female Sex Workers The call girl works out of her own house, making appointments via phone dresses expensively and lives in upscale neighbourhood…min of $100/hour…has heavy business expenses…regular customers (referral basis), physical and health risks are reduced Brothel (1800’s and early 1900’s), replaced by in call services , which employ women working regular shifts in condos and apartments, servicing clients who come to the apartment (150/200/hr), customer participates in standard sexual activity…less autonomy than a call girl, usually a manager or madam who determines the conditions of the work, fees to be charged, etc…illegal in Canada Massage parlor – sell sexual services…”sensual massage’ or ‘erotic massage’, often located in professional buildings, charges range from $100-$300 Escort services employ both men and women who will engage in sexual activity ( standard) or escort may have the autonomy to decide what activities they will do
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with the client… prostitution in this setting is called out call service since the escorts go to the clients Streetwalker (most visible…generally less attractive and less fashionable,
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HS - Final Notes - Human Sexuality Notes Final Exam Chapter...

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