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HS - Sept 11 notes - Human Sexuality Is oral sex considered...

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Human Sexuality Is oral sex considered sex? Teens see oral sex as a way to explore their sexuality while maintaining their virginity Does not require both individuals to be naked Cannot result in pregnancy and does not require contraception Oral sex is considered assault when no consent in provided STI’s can be transmitted in the act In adolescence in particular there are multiple issues that engaging in this act encompasses (non reciprocity, peer pressure, confusion about intimacy) Difference between sex and gender Sex – behavior and practices, anatomy, reproduction An act that leads to orgasm (old definition) Sexual behavior: behavior that produces arousal and increases the chance of orgasm Gender – personal, social, legal status as male or female Being/identifying as male or female (other options transsexual, intersex) Gendered naming: humans (ie. John vs Johanna) or non humans/animals (Cow (female) Bull (male)) David Reimer Canadian born male Circumcision tragedy led to gender reassignment surgery Raised as a girl Always resisted the feminine role and female socialization Identified as a male in teen years Shows a lot about nature/nurture and gender assumptions Sexual Terminology Erotic – arousing sexual feelings or desire Foreplay – Mutual sexual stimulation that precedes coitus Human sexuality – ways in which we experience and express ourselves as sexual beings
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HS - Sept 11 notes - Human Sexuality Is oral sex considered...

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