Chapter 6 Notes

Chapter 6 Notes - b Margaret Mead’s study of tribes in...

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Chapter 6: Socialization and Social Roles 1. Socialization a. What is socialization and why is it      important? b. Putting socialization in a development      context i. Suppressing development ii. Accelerating development iii. Cognitive development 1. Piaget’s stages of cognitive     development a. Sensorimotor stage b. Preoperational stage c. Concrete operational stage d. Formal operational stage iv. Human language 1. Chomsky’s Universal Grammar 2. Pidgin, Creole, and Nicaraguan      sign language 3. Work of Bickerton and Kegl v. Moral development (Kohlberg) vi. Emergence of t e social self
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viii. What is socialization (part II) 2. Culture and Personality a. Cultural determinism: Work of F. Boas, M.     Mead, and others
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Unformatted text preview: b. Margaret Mead’s study of tribes in New Guinea (the Arapesh and the Mundugumor) c. Problems with cultural determinism d. Nature vs. Nurture debate 3. Differential socialization and social roles a. How social roles lead to differential socialization b. Occupational roles and socialization (Melvin Kohn) c. Sex-role socialization i. International comparisons ii. Socializing girls and boys 1. Research on storytelling and gender Socialization: DeLoache, Cassidy, and Carpenter 2. Children’s games and gender 4. Social roles and role performance 5. Concluding remarks...
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Chapter 6 Notes - b Margaret Mead’s study of tribes in...

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