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Humi1WeeklyWorksheetS10 - Creative Border Crossing Weekly...

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Reflection on reading: /5 What is your reaction to the article/interview? How does it relate to your life? I feel the topic is somehow related to my life. I agree that many employer do abuse maids and I felt that they should be punished. This article shows why we needed maids or social workers to help with our house chore. Due to our daily lifestyle such as myself, i will not be at home from morning to night due to schools and tuition thus I am unable to help with house work. My father and mother works too thus maids are very important in our life. This however doesn’t mean that even if we are free we will do house work. House work is a mundane chore many people will think it is a hassle to do it thus more middle class people tend to hire maids. I felt that people hire maids because they will be spending something more time meaningfully rather then doing something that not really worthy their time. please note that the article is meant to get you thinking on the broader topic in general... your experiment does not need to mirror the specifics of the article….
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