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Using the Eclectic Online Shopping Example, create solutions for the following: a) A view showing the loginName, firstName, lastName, orderCartId, and totalPrice of each order. create view orderTotal as select L.orderCartId, sum(L.orderPrice * L.qtyOrdered) as totalPrice from lineItems L group by L.orderCartId; create view orderInfo as select C.loginName, C.firstName, C.lastName, O.orderCartId, O.totalPrice from customerInfo C, orderCartInfo OC, orderTotal O where O.orderCartId = OC.orderCartId and C.loginName = OC.customerId and OC.type = `P’; b) A view showing the loginName, firstName, lastName, and total of all orders placed by each customer. Hint: You can use the view created in the previous problem to express
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Unformatted text preview: this view. create view customerOrderInfo as select loginName, firstName, lastName, sum(totalPrice) as totalPrice from orderInfo group by loginName, firstName, lastName; c) An assertion expressing the fact that even though a customer can be related to many instances of orderCartInfo , a customer can have at most one shopping cart. create assertion customerOneCart check( not exists (select count(orderCartId) as numberOfCart from orderCartInfo where type = ‘S’ group by customerId having count(orderCartId)> 1)); d) A DDL statement to delete all inventoryItem s that have never appeared in an order. delete from inventoryItem where (itemNum, code) not in (select itemNum, code from lineItems);...
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