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MKT Wk 3 DQ 1 - Our television is always hooked up to our...

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A recent purchase I made was a new 42” flat screen LCD television. I had previously owned a flat screen plasma television but unfortunately, the television no longer powered up. I had been using the 32” that was normally in my bedroom while I price compared televisions. I ended up choosing a Sony brand television with a wall mount. There are many reasons I chose this television over others. One of the first reasons I gravitated to Sony is because of its brand recognition. I tend to purchase items from larger, more well- known brands than the less expensive, less well-known brands. I get the sense that bigger brands are more reliable and have been around longer so they are better quality. I purchased a DVD player from a company that I did not recognize and it broke after only several months. Another reason that I bought the television I did is because I value quality electronics. Everyone in my household including myself is huge sports fans. There is always some type of sport in season and we like a large television to watch our games.
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Unformatted text preview: Our television is always hooked up to our surround sound and subwoofers. This is why I decided to upgrade from plasma to a newer LCD television. LCD is newer technology but soon LCD’s will obsolete as 3D TV’s are in development. The quickly changing technology of today is a good reason not to spend an excessive amount on a television or any other electronic. That is why I stayed with the 42” television as opposed to going for the 50” or 60” despite an urge to! Lastly, the reasons we chose a flat screen and a wall mount is because we are on a small income and have a small apartment. Space is a valuable commodity in our place and no inch should be wasted. Also, my three young step children are over every other weekend and their tendency to knock things over and put their sticky fingers on things was partly my motivation. We have an entertainment center that prevents the children from reaching the wall mounted television and keeps the danger of it falling over at a minimum....
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