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Items I have recently seen advertised are Harley Davidson Motorcycles. Here in Florida where it is riding whether just about year round, there are Harley Davidson shops all over Central Florida. There are even shops that rent bikes on a daily or weekly rate. Unlike the television I spoke about purchasing in the first discussion question, there are external influences involved in this purchase. These include status, club memberships, and basically an entire culture. There are an unbelievable amount of motorcycle clubs across Central Florida. Not only are they divided up in terms of bike brand but through locations as well. These groups organize rides on the weekends, holiday trips, and even charity rides. Many people who are around these groups have a desire to join them because of the fun and brotherhood associated with it. I witnessed first-hand as a manager at the sports bar where I used to work bought a bike to go riding with all
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Unformatted text preview: the friends he had made through the groups visits to our restaurant. Another influence on someone to make a purchase such as that is status. There is an air of luxury to someone who owns a recreational vehicle such as a motorcycle or boat. It gives the appearance of financial well being and wealth. Being a “biker” used to have a negative stigma attached to it. They were looked as criminals and bad people. Now, I see lawyers, doctors, and parents enjoying ownership of a motorcycle. Bikers have an entire culture of their own with rules and codes and traditions. An example is Bike Fest here in Daytona, Florida each year. Bikers from around the country come to town and gather to swap stories, friendships, and talk motorcycles. They share their very own culture with one another. These influences can push a person into purchasing something they may not when in a different environment....
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