Plan ExerciseWk 2 - If I were to choose a company and a...

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If I were to choose a company and a product to research, propose, and launch I would choose Garnier hair products in an organic form. I personally use Garnier shampoo, conditioner and hair spray for my color treated hair and my fiancé uses their gel. However, seeing how gorgeous my girlfriend’s hair was once she began making her own organic shampoo, I wished I could buy some. There are no organic shampoos available in my local grocery stores. It is healthy to use as few chemicals on one’s body as possible; especially during pregnancy. 1. The one problem that could be addressed by Garnier is that they do not sell an organic shampoo. By completing marketing research, Garnier can determine if it is worth-while to develop and sell an organic shampoo product and please the people who are requesting it. Developing and producing a new product would likely result in an organic shampoo that is higher in price than Garnier’s other shampoos. 2. To address the issue of an organic shampoo, marketers should conduct primary research. This means they will go directly to consumers to ask them whether they want an organic shampoo and would be willing to pay a bit higher of a price for it. Included in this type of research are demographics, customer attitudes, and feelings regarding the products. 3. Within the primary research should be descriptive (quantitative) research.
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Plan ExerciseWk 2 - If I were to choose a company and a...

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