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Crime Prevention Programs Checkpoint

Crime Prevention Programs Checkpoint - assist them and the...

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With the police starting up community-based programs this ensures the citizens of the communities that they are protected and feel safe so they do not feel the need to take matters into their own hands. These educational programs teach the citizens of the communities to protect themselves in a time of crisis. However, it also teaches them how to do this and still remain under the law. When attending these programs the citizens feel safer and they receive the knowledge on how to protect themselves legally. However with every program there are always certain challenges that come along. One issue or challenge is the lack of commitment from the community. For example the neighborhood watch program. In order for this program to work properly you need all the neighbors in the community to participate in order for this program to run properly. The second issue would have to be trust. Both the community and the police have to trust one another. If there is no trust between the two then these programs could not run efficiently enough. The police have to trust in the citizens to
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Unformatted text preview: assist them and the community has to trust in the police to protect them. The three crime prevention programs that I chose to be most effective are: Crime stoppers, Mass Media Campaigns and Neighborhood Watch. All three of these programs do share one disadvantage. That disadvantage is community involvement. When these programs rely on community involvement and that falls off so does the programs. They end up failing and deemed ineffective. After this happens it leaves the community going “oh the police won’t do anything for us”. The community has to realize that is takes them to run efficiently. With crime stoppers the main advantage is that it’s anonymous. Therefore, this ensures citizens that there will be no repercussions for calling in a crime. This program also has the advantage of reaching the entire community by using a mass media campaign. Lastly we come to the neighborhood watch. This program allows for the police and citizens to come together and prevent crime....
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