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FINAL EXAM Focus on midterm->final topics (WW2 onward) Fussell a bit Kennedy: focus on Cold War General question about 3 cups of tea One big essay (choices): globalization: what was cold war system? How is it different? (kennedy vs. friedman, cold war vs. globalization) Use films as case studies (what superpowers can do, do do, don’t do) Think about diamond and equality at some point Continuation of advantages—does it matter anymore? You'll have one essay that focuses on Kennedy's and Friedman's views of the CW and globalization eras and then you'll have a choice of SA and ID questions. .. the SA and IDs cover films (Atomic Cafe, Manchurian Candidate, Bosnian and
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Unformatted text preview: Rwandan genocides), other books--3 Cups of Tea and Wartime, and a couple of selected chapters from Kennedy and Friedman--you should use information from these sources as well as class notes. .. hope this helps you. . the essay is broad and the SA and IDs are more focused though you have choices (2 of 4 for SA and 4 of 6 for ID). Again, the general suggestion is to focus on the main ideas in Kennedy and Friedman (essay), you'll have options for SA (Wartime, 3 cups of tea, genocides, and look at the effects of WWI and II on the international orders that followed). .. then ID--think of films, class notes, and specific (important) parts of key books...
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