Imperialism-WWII - o 1917-1918 stalemated until spring 1917...

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Imperialism - communist manifesto - hegemony o great deal of influence - Informal->formal - Hobson o Not just gradual shift, but new ideology o New distribution of income (wealth in hands of just a few) - Nationalism WWI (1914-1918) - “the war to end all wars” - causes o smaller “world wars” (ie. French-Indian) o territories o Eastern European conflict Balkans “ethnic fruit salad” o nations inclusion imposition - expectations o it would be a short war o war of regimes o aims of participants Germany Wanted French areas Belgium dismantled Luxemburg to disappear Balkans detached from Russia France Wanted Elsasloraine and Sar Basin Break up Ottoman empire Russia Take land from Ottoman empire Reorganize Poland Britain Colonial ambitions Navy and merchant fleet Want to carve up Ottoman Empire - events o 1914-1916 1916: Battle of the Somme British lose large number of troops
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Unformatted text preview: o 1917-1918 stalemated until spring 1917 Russia pulls out on their own (internal dissent, economy) 1918: US enters the war (declared in 1917) associate power help most in 1919 and 1920 -results o Europe loses dominance o Asia starts to become more influential through Japan o Latin America Roosevelt Corollary to Monroe Doctrine US could interfere in any nation o Europeans lost markets to US and Japan o Colonial process slows o Upsets European balance Undermines European colonial systems Colonies->mandates o Bolshevik revolution o US enters world stage o Wilsons 14 points Open diplomacy openly arrived at (can talk in private but results made public) Free trade Benefits US because has become a hegemon League of Nations US does not join (didnt want other countries telling US what to do) supernational...
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Imperialism-WWII - o 1917-1918 stalemated until spring 1917...

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