Imperialism - of Nations-economic social political and...

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Imperialism - Economic period (1815-1860s/1870s) o Primarily the British Economic concerns resulting in the IR o Division of power in Europe - Political imperialism (1860s/1870s-1914) o Dominated by the British o Military Direct annexations in Africa Under control of British, French, Portuguese, Belgiums, Germans Only a few areas not colonized o Liberia (set up by US for freed slaves) o Ethiopia (kicked out Italians) o South Africa (technically British but a lot of conflict) Annexations in Asia Laos, Cambodia Dutch US in Philippines Port Arthur divided up in China o Spheres of influence: Germany, Britain, Russia, France, Japan Interest in the Middle East Britain Russia expanding o Ports in the Black Sea, Mediterranean France influential economically Ottoman empire weaker over time After WWI divided up into mandates arbitrarily by League
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Unformatted text preview: of Nations -economic, social, political, and military terms -change in economic thinking-> laissez-faire o more of an idea of free trade o tariffs on imported goods o getting rid of government control market should control itself many markets o benefited Britain most o colonies and slaves—do they help or impede this process? Not a moral issue, economics Approaches to Imperialism -Robinson-Gallagher o Free trade is inherently imperialistic Will lead to political control o Need politically stable market in addition to demand for goods o Entice political leaders-->need to create stable market o By wanting a stable economy somewhere will become politically and/or militarily involved Want other areas stable to buy your products...
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Imperialism - of Nations-economic social political and...

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