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Preface How to determine why history unfolded differently on different continents? - disadvantages of focusing narrowly on world history of only Eurasian and North African societies o people are interested in other societies b/c they include most of the world’s population and ethnic, cultural, and linguistic groups o history limited to progress only since literacy does not provide enough understanding many countries had writing, and centralized government, other ways of progress o ignores question of why those literate countries were so much more
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Unformatted text preview: powerful why did tools to make them powerful arise in some countries and not others Perspectives: -Biological, geographical, historical science, archaeological, anthropological, linguistic, split-life cities, NG, focus: Euro-non Euro and non-Euro-non-Euro, white American male bias, economic, non-traditional, intellectual differences?, environmental factors -Ethics- basic or minimal justice o Water, food, shelter...
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