Truman doctrine

Truman doctrine - To pay for rebuilding o Mobilize US...

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Truman doctrine - laid out ideological and political reasons for US isolation - used fear of communism at home and abroad NCS-68 - blueprint for US waging cold war - assumptions o global balance of power had fundamentally shifted o USSR was “animated by a new fanatic faith” - Concluded crisis at hand - Recommendations o Can’t negotiate with Russia o Develop hydrogen bomb o US rebuild conventional forces Had not rebuilt after WW2 o Increase taxes
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Unformatted text preview: To pay for rebuilding o Mobilize US society o Maintain strong allies o Undermine Soviets from within Maybe can win minds of the citizens Korean War -unknown/forgotten/war before Vietnam war -why the Korean war? o Stalins optimism o Asia looked more promising than Europe for Soviet advances In Europe could have started world war o Resented US presence in Japan o Stalin thinks US isnt interested in Korea...
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