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Unformatted text preview: World War II Overview - Events leading up to war (1919-1939) o Versailles Treaty o League of Nations Entrance and exit of members made it weaker Ineffective • No control of major conflicts • No progress in disarmament (build-up in many places in fact) • No effective military force o France- false sense of security Maginot line o International Agreements Locarno (1925): guaranteed frontiers • Only really addresses Western Europe (France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy Kellog-Briand (1928): makes war illegal • How do you enforce it? o The Great Depression Great Crash (1929-1930) Nosedive (1931/1932) • Huge unemployment (globally) • Banks collapsing • Schools close • national income (US: 90 billion->40 billion) o The Manchurian Crisis (1931) Japan interested in area in Northern China Japan invades o Italy attacks Ethiopia (1935) o Germany invades Rhineland (1936) Wanted to remilitarize Rhineland By treaty not supposed to o US Neutrality Acts: 1934, 1935, 1937, 1939 First Committees: Lindbergh o Rome-Berlin Axis (1936) “pact of steel” o The Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) National Front (Nationalists) vs. Popular Front (Republicans) 5th column marching in battles other nations involved: Italy, German o Japanese invasion of China (1937) o Austrian Anschluss (1938) Combines with Germany o Sudetenland o Munich Agreement (1938) - - o Czechoslovakia becomes part of Third Reich (1939) o Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact (1939) Divy up Poland o Natural selection/law of nature Weak will die out, stronger will win Events of the War o Poland Attacked (Sept 1, 1939) Blitzkrieg: lightening warfare o Rome-Berlin-Tokyo Axis (1940) Tripartite pact o Rise of Nazi party Not much popular support at first (2%) Circumstances changed and Germans became more likely to listen • rise in unemployment • 5 major banks crashed o “Phoney War” ends (1940) o Dunkirk Evacuated (June 1940) o France Surrenders (June 1940) Divided France French Resistance movement o US Lend-Lease Act (1941) o Battle of Britain: the “Blitz” o What will make WWII unique and modern? o Aircraft propeller->jet bombers o mass production o systemized production of killing IR idea o Communications Sonar, radar Radios, TVs ...
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