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Chapter 4 - o farmers more likely to stay near fields and...

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Chapter 4- Farmer Power How did the availability of more consumable calories mean more people? - selecting the materials that humans can eat on the earth makes finding calories to eat far easier - human societies with domestic animals benefited in feeding people o furnishing meat: major source of animal protein o furnishing milk: many different animals such as the cow, sheep, goat, etc. gave more calories through milk than if they were slaughtered and killed o furnishing fertilizer: improved crop production o pulling plows: animas like the ox could be used for labor - indirect impacts of animal and plant domestication
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Unformatted text preview: o farmers more likely to stay near fields and orchards to have more births more often o staying in one place meant more food storage and therefore more ability to feed more people in the town can feed professional soldiers (British defeated Maori because Maori could not feed all their soldiers) -other uses of animals o can provide with important materials and natural fibers o used for land transport helpful in wars (Eurasia’s horses) -humans who domesticated animals were most likely to have new germs o they built a resistance to those germs while other societies did not...
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