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Chapter 3 - defend against them o Miscalculated...

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Chapter 3- Collision at Cajamarca What happened at Cajamarca? - Pizarro captured Atahuallpa and allowed Spain to conquer parts of America What factors led to the capture of Atahuallpa? - Disease transmitted to people without immunity come from those that have the immunity and invade the area - Pizarro’s use of maritime ships - Literacy became a big factor - The natives knew far less about the invaders and miscalculated how to best
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Unformatted text preview: defend against them o Miscalculated organization of Spanish What were some reasons for Pizarro’s success?-military technology based on guns, steel weapons and horses -infectious diseases in Eurasia -maritime technology -political organization in Europe -literacy and writing o lack of written Incan language and knowledge -first attack wiped out Incan leadership...
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