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Chapter 1- Up to the Starting Line What are the origins of these human differences? - origins of humans lie with the great apes that originated in Africa - “Great Leap Forward” was the earliest signs of human history starting o developments of standardized stone tools in East African sites o Near East and southeastern Europe and southwestern Europe began developing with the Cro-Magnons o Skulls from that time period indicate potential parallel evolution in different areas of the world Why did so many species disappear at the same time? - settlement of Australia and New Guinea occurred at the same time as a mass extermination of animal species by the humans
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Unformatted text preview: -on every oceanic island colonized in the prehistoric era there was often extinctions of animals -extinction of megafauna-impact of humans Why are there differing dates for settlements? -Clovis settlements o Clovis hunters reached Patagonia approximately 20,000 years ago -many archeologists claim that there were pre-Clovis settlements o problems with radioactive dating o hard to identify truly human made tools vs just rocks What do different settlement dates mean for history and society?-some countries (Africa) began having human existence earlier than others so had more time to evolve...
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