3 waves for WWII

3 waves for WWII - FDRs 4 policemen world: US, Britain,...

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3 waves for WWII Phase 2- Soviet Union and US enter at full force - old European state system destroyed and losing domination of world o no real way to revive old European systems - US huge effect o Russia and Britain can’t control Europe by selves - By 1943 can tell Germany is losing the war Phase 2 (1943 transitioning in) - What will the post-war world be like - Cold War theme beginning to emerge Major Conferences - Casablanca o Strategy assuming Allies win Sicily would be next Plan for cross channel attack Burma, China, India road
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Unformatted text preview: FDRs 4 policemen world: US, Britain, Soviet Union, China (still nationalist and not yet communist) o Attempt to choose French leader o Unconditional surrender Why? Clear when someone lost the war (Germany) US promised Soviet Union we would be involved until end of the war If US stays until end we can dictate post-war policy Possible discussions Boundaries Leadership Disarmament occupation -Tehran (Nov 1943) -Moscow (Late 1944) o Dividing world up into percentages...
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