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Chapter 9 - -nasty disposition o larger animals are more...

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Chapter 9- Zebras, Unhappy Marriages, and the Anna Karenina Principle Why were some animals domesticated and not others? - Tolstoy principle o Lots of things have to go right in order for the system to work o Failure in one area can hurt the whole system - not all wild species occurred together in Eurasia - unequal distribution of these species - early herding people domesticated big animals suitable for domestication early on Why were so few wild mammals able to be domesticated? - Taming v. domestication - some animals lacked one of the many important characteristics - diet o conversion of energy at each level take a lot of calories because also need herbivores o some species are too picky in plant preferences to function as farm animals - growth rate o not all animals grew quickly enough (elephants and gorillas) - problems of captive breeding o not all animals would breed under observation cheetahs have an elaborate process that wouldn’t work in a cage
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Unformatted text preview: -nasty disposition o larger animals are more dangerous and likely to kill humans than smaller mammals o grizzly bears were hard to tame although the meat was desired -tendency to panic o nervous species were hard to keep captive -social structure o tended to live in herds, have a hierarchy in the herd, and occupy various territories o this would help humans domesticate by being at the top of the chain o large undomesticated mammals fight fiercely because of territorial behavior Why did Eurasia benefit so much from these domesticable species? -Eurasia started out with the most potential candidates -Australia and Americas lost most potential mammals in extinctions o Possibly because they were exposed to humans when hunting skills were already developed -More animals that survived were suitable for domestication on Eurasia -...
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