Chapter 11

Chapter 11 - Why were farmers more likely to get diseases?...

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Chapter 11-Lethal Gift of Livestock What’s the deal with microbes? - evolution selects microbes most able to infect more victims o constant evolution - microbes spread in different ways o just wait to be passed on o go through insects o go through fetuses of woman - some microbes trick our immune defenses - slowest defensive response in natural selection - traits of infectious diseases o spread quickly and efficiently o acute illnesses: in a short time you either die or recover o antibodies develop to make immune to a recurrence of disease o diseases restricted to humans Why did the rise of agriculture increase crowd infectious diseases? - agriculture sustains higher human population so farmers have more diseases - germs travel animals-people, people-people
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Unformatted text preview: Why were farmers more likely to get diseases? -Sedentary living o hunter-gatherers leave behind feces o farmers who live among their own microbes -rise of cities even worse for packing humans together with bad sanitation o neo-Europes (NA, SA, Australia) -closeness to domesticated animals with diseases o hunter-gatherers dont have concentrations of animals What are the different stages in evolution of a human disease from an animal? -fevers or small diseases from cats, dogs, chickens, parrots, etc. -former animal pathogen evolves so it is transmitted between people -animal pathogens develop in humans -long epidemic diseases confined to humans -...
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