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Chapter 12 - -societies with early writing systems accepted...

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Chapter 12- Blueprints and Borrowed Letters What are basic strategies of writing? - differ in size of speech unit (alphabet) o single basic sound o whole syllable o whole word - logograms o many Asian writing systems - syllabaries o sign for each syllable What was some of the earliest writing? - Sumerian writing consisted of nonphonetic logograms - Came to consist of mixture of logograms, phonetic signs, and determinatives What other types of independent writing arose? - Mesoamerica - Mayan writing - Ancient western Europe - Minus Egyptian, Chinese, Easter Island most writing systems were inspired by Sumerian (Fertile Crescent) or early Mesoamerican writing Why did writing arise in some societies but not all?
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Unformatted text preview: -societies with early writing systems accepted ambiguities that restricted writing -limited uses of early writing is why writing appeared so late in evolution -independent inventions of writing involved social societies with complex political institutions o writing was important for trade, farming, business transactions, accounting, etc. -societies that were isolated and had trouble diffusing ideas How do ideas spread? -blueprint copying o someone with a written language teaches it to someone without a written language and chooses to model one after it -idea diffusion o someone without a written language sees written language and chooses to make one -...
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