Chapter 13

Chapter 13 - -long life expectancy-economics or...

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Chapter 13- Necessity’s Mother What is the Phaistos disk? - discovered in 1908 on island of Crete o no other record of these symbols - distinct signs of language on disk - example of human printing What is the reason for continental differences in technological development? - individual inventiveness - receptivity of society to innovation How do inventions arise? - Specialists have spare time - inventions arise when society has an unfulfilled need - technology develops cumulatively not in isolated acts - finds most uses after invention o sometimes invention->necessity How are inventions accepted within societies? - economic advantage compared with preexisting technology - social value and prestige o can override economic benefits - compatibility with vested interest - ease of advantages o earls introduced cannons to English army What are some differences in receptivity among societies for inventions?
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Unformatted text preview: -long life expectancy -economics or organization of society o availability of cheap slave labor encouraged innovation o patents and property law rewarded innovation o modern societies had training opportunities o modern capitalism rewarded technological development o individualism of US society -ideological o risk-taking behavior o scientific outlook o tolerance of diverse views o religion -sometimes good effect but sometimes bad effect o war o centralized government o climate o resource abundance -development and reception of inventions varies from society to society even on the same continent -vary over time in same society Where do innovations come from? -mostly borrowed from other societies -depending on geographic location societies differ in how they receive technology from other societies o ease o proximity -...
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Chapter 13 - -long life expectancy-economics or...

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