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Chapter 7-book2

Chapter 7-book2 - Chapter 7 Stability and Change in a...

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Chapter 7- Stability and Change in a Bipolar World, 1943-1980 What were some major events and features of the Cold War? - split between two blocs in Europe o thought Stalin might have wanted control in both western and southern Europe o strategy of containment indicate to Moscow which areas of the world the US would not allow to fall “into hostile hands” those countries given military support to prevent Soviet attack American recognition that resistance to Soviets was weakened Only 5 centers of industrial and military power that were important: US, USSR, Britain, Germany/central Europe, Japan Ensuring the last 3 were able to resist would keep USSR weak o Intensifications of East-West economic rivalries Germany at center of dispute To end black market and currency chaos in Germany: created new mark Russian response: ban West German notes from zone Berlin crisis (1948-1949) Could have flown supplies into Berlin but were not able to “Red Scare” in America o
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