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Chapter 3-book

Chapter 3-book - Chapter 3 Finance Geography and the...

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Chapter 3- Finance, Geography, and the Winning the Wars What happened to European states after the Treaty of Pyrenees? - it did not bring an end to the rivalries o wars result more of national interest than religious views (theologies and doctrinal differences) - multipolar state system o looser short-term shifting alliances o fluctuations complicated by rise of some states and declines of others - western European states converted into small colonies o Britain colonized Even US independence did little to stop power Became more involved in German affairs o Russia wanted to have a chief voice in Poland o London and St. Petersburg wanted a balance of power in Europe - Five Great Powers o France, the Habsburg Empire (Austria-Hungary), Prussia, Britain, Russia Rise not caused just by military and naval technology Best changes were organization because of increased activity by the state Militaries became more advanced Why was an economic base so important for the States?
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