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Chapter 1-book - STRATEGY & ECONOMICS IN THE...

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STRATEGY & ECONOMICS IN THE PREINDUSTRIAL WORLD Chapter 1- The Rise of the Western World How did the world transition from pre-modern to modern times? - In 1500 not obvious that the Europeans would dominate o Around 5 nations were relatively equal in different ways - Western world was in shock over Constantinople’s fall (1453) - Most great countries of the world were in the same stage of development, although it varied area to area - Ottoman empire, China (Ming dynasty), Northern India (Moguls), and European state systems were technologically and militarily superior to scattered societies in Africa, America, and Oceania How was Ming China a threat to the Western world’s power? - Coherent and sophisticated society o population was larger than Europe’s (100-130 million v. 50-55 million) o culture o plains linked with a canal system o administration run by Confucian bureaucracy - big advantage was technological superiority o libraries, printing presses o trade and industry o military: gunpowder, use of cannons by the Mings to overthrow Mongols o overseas exploration: use of the compass and naval warfare - problems with projects undertaken meant Ming China was less enterprising than under the Sung dynasty o ie: canals decaying, army had little new equipment, clocks ignored, printing restricted to scholarly work
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Chapter 1-book - STRATEGY & ECONOMICS IN THE...

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