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Chapter 6 Nations o Nation: group of people whose members share a common identity on the basis of characteristics and claim to territorial homeland May not have a state of its own Ie: ibos of nigeria o National identity: people’s conscious belief that they collectively constitute a nation o Distinguishing characteristics of a nation Ethnicity: belief in common ancestry Members of nation lay claim to a specific territory whether or not they govern it Shared civic community: shared principles/ideals/goals Nationalism o A consciously formulated set of political ideas that emphasize the distinctiveness of a nation o Goes further than just we belong in this territory to saying we must act together to achieve political goals
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Unformatted text preview: o Forms of nationalism Self-determination: self government Territorial autonomy: self government over its own territory within a larger state Nation building o state building with economic development create effective government with supportive agencies o developing widely shared national identity in an effective, legitimate state civil war o ethnic, religious, and other diversity is not the main cause of civil war o insurgencies created by small groups in rural areas problems may be based in ethnic or religious reasons o occur when government is too weak to crush uprising nation-states o can grow, disintegrate, reconstitute, or be absorbed into larger states o...
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