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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 1 • • • • Lycrian League o Group of 20+ Greek city states formed first federated government o Sent delegates to meet Development of democracy o Hamilton referenced league in Federalist papers o Political issues: fair representation, democratic voting processes Recent attempts to establish democracy o Saddam Hussain regime change o Strike against both al Qaeda and Taliban government Waves of democratization o 3 waves 1820s-1920s: 30 countries or so WW2-1960s 1970s-1980s: Southern Europe and Latin America o sometimes followed by reverse waves major questions o defining characteristics of a democracy? o Various forms democracy takes? o Basic conditions o Observable patterns in establishment o Partial democracy o Universally applicable o How to keep them o Outsiders establish or homegrown o Only popular with some o Root causes of non-democracy o Political factors Comparative politics: o Examines political realities in countries all over the world o Looks at the many ways governments operate and the ways people behave in political life Scientific method o Definition o Description o Explanation o Prediction o Prescription o DDEPP Energy and politics o Russia and Ukraine Dispute in 2004 elections, Russia supported Kuchma-Yanukovich group, people protested (Orange Revolution) Russia then raised gas bills o Algeria Islamic salvation front went offensive and there was civil war • • • • o Iran o Iraq Oil exports increased after peace Shah replaced after British oil takeover Testing of weapons the oil prices went up Invaded Kuwait for oil, if invaded with Saudi Arabia also under position would control 40% of all oil • • • • • • • o Nigeria Obsanjo helped restore democracy Eliminated domestic fuel subsidies o Saudi Arabia Rocked with terrorism and fear of attacks drive up prices o UAE Confederation of small states, vulnerable to regional conflicts: internally stable o Venezuela: Chavez restructured the legislature and is anti-US money Globalization o Growing interconnectedness of governments, non state actors, and populations in the world through political, economic, technological, cultural, environmental interactions o Some helped some hurt IMF o Special UN agency to provide financial assistance to governments with currency problems or issues Stringent political conditions Heavily Indebted Poor Countries Initiative (HIPCI) International security o Nuclear proliferation NPT (1968) Israel, India, Pakistan did not sign North Korea withdrew and Iran is now developing weapons Other aspects: environment, culture, telecommunications, media, refugee flows, public health, law enforcement Democratization o Transition from nondemocratic to democratic forms of government Universal Declaration of Human Rights o Not followed well, no enforcement methods Democracies usually do not fight each other, not peaceful by nature ...
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