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Scenario: Princess Esacape A princess has been grounded by her father (a wizard) and kept inside the castle. Being a rather rebellious princess, she has emailed the local dragon taxi service. The dragon will fly to the princess and she will climb aboard the dragon to escape from the castle – to meet some friends at the village dance club.” Problem: how do we create an animation? What is the next step? - create initial world - can use screenshots instead of sketches for each scene - actions and storyboard but be translated into a program o single instructions vs. composite actions that require multiple instructions
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Unformatted text preview: Comments -important so others can understand your code -important for going back to code -well written: describe what’s going on in that part of the code -don’t need comment if it’s obvious what the code says Methods -use them to give object more actions -organizes your program more easily Program Tree -each scene can be broken down into further levels -as tree gets deeper it gets harder to fit it all Testing method - make sure to test incrementally to find bugs more easily...
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