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Creating a Method

Creating a Method - Parameters-pass a parameter to the...

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Creating a Method - declare method o syntax: visibility returnType name(parameterList) visibility determines access (public/private) if nothing returned: void example: public void drawSquare(); - name method Adding a method to a class - type method at end of code o before last } - compile files before testing in interactions pane o clears all old variables Main methods - when you execute a class you can have a main method - main method: class (static) method o takes an array of strings o
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Unformatted text preview: Parameters -pass a parameter to the method o parameter lists specify what type of thing is passed name to use to refer to the value in the method o ie: public void drawSquare(int width); Subclasses -inherits the methods and field o Turtle class is a subclass of SimpleTurtle o public class Turtle extends SimpleTurtle Can add new variables and new methods -Classes can subclass another class in Java and Alice...
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