Authority - widespread violation of political rights o Put...

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Week 3: Authoritarianism in the Middle East Current Events (1/25/11) The turmoil in Tunisia out cry in the rest of the ME Egypt o Huge protests against Mubarak o Economic reasons Will what is happening in Tunisia actually have any influence in the future? Types of Regimes Liberal Democracy o Freedom, pluralism, rule of law plus elections Electoral democracy o Free and fair elections only Competitive authoritarianism o Regular elections where incumbents use coercive means to win, but opposition does have chance to win Hegemonic authoritarianism o Hold regular elections, but elections not actually competitive,
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Unformatted text preview: widespread violation of political rights o Put on a faade of a democracy so that they can stay in power Closed authoritarianism o No elections, banned opposition Monarchy o Constitutional: King (or emirate) acts as head of state within written parameter Usually has a parliament or other legislative body that the king operates under Republic o Single Party: One party officially dominates political landscape Single party chooses the head of state o Dominant-party: Multiple parties are allowed to participate in politics, but there is disproportionate power...
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