Islamist Movements in the Middle East

Islamist Movements in the Middle East - governments •...

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Week 6: Islamist Movements in the Middle East Current Events (2/15/11) Bahrain o Day of rage o Wanted reform, not total overthrowing Iran o Biggest revolt since the revolution Algeria o Said they would lift the emergency law o Still have not done it Lebanon o Hezbollah resigned o No government o Hezbollah appointed Prime Minister West not happy On a thin line Egypt o Mubarak has stepped down o Protests continue What is an Islamist Movement? Originated with intent of establishing Islamist states and implementing Islamist law Focus on charitable activities o Development of organizations to replace the state Health, education During late 1970s started to realize futility of goals o Started to take a more pragmatic approach Started the establishment of political parties o Minorities often turned to violence Based on a grassroots mobilization Most Islamic movements do not look to replace already existing
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Unformatted text preview: governments • Overall, Islamic movements have become more practical and therefore less violent What Types of Islamist Parties Exist? • Fundamentalist o Singular Islamist state o Trying to overthrow the state o Operate outside of the state o Islamist law and Islamist state • Militant (Hamas/Hezbollah) o Maintain a militant wing either separate from or combined with political wing o Continue to condone use of violence as a tactic for achieving goals along with political participation o Maintain the use of violence even after gaining power • Reformist/liberal (Muslim Brotherhood) o Allow for multitude of rights and perspective to be represented with an Islamic framework o No longer use violence o Want Islam’s role to increase, but they are open to other platforms as well o Participate within the already existing structure...
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Islamist Movements in the Middle East - governments •...

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