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Middle East Liberal Democracies

Middle East Liberal Democracies - 2 parties depolarized •...

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Middle East Liberal Democracies Turkey o Positives Parliamentary democracy Competitive elections o Negatives Very strong military Interferes from time to time in politics Extreme racism against Kurds o Current Trend Ruled by AKP (Islamist) But not extreme Keeps military in check o Why? International factors Turkey aligned with the West during the cold war Angrist: post-colonial party system
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Unformatted text preview: 2 parties depolarized • Israel o Parliamentary democracy o Political fragmentation Tons of parties o Coalition instability o Tension between “Jewish State” and being a “Democracy” Middle East Non-Consolidated Democracies • Lebanon o Consociation/quota system o Semi-presidential o Very fragile system o Clash between Hezbollah and Hariri’s coalition • Palestinian Authority...
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