Middle East-Islamist Movements

Middle East-Islamist Movements - really are How do regimes...

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Islamist Movements in the Middle East What roles do Islamist parties play in the political system? Largest and most well-organized opposition parties across the region Seek to influence policy through elections Present candidates for office in a non-violent way Tradeoffs for Participation Require legitimacy o Need government acceptance o Need support from some portion of the population Renounce the goal of creating a singular Islamic state o Accept the legitimacy of the individual modern Arab state o Accept the idea that participation in the political system is an acceptable way of achieving their goals Challenges for participation in a democratic system Tensions between imposition of Shari’a law and democracy separation of church and state Tension between ideological commitments and requirements of participation Choose to participate in an unfree and unfair electoral competition o Most elections will be unfair and will not show how popular you
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Unformatted text preview: really are How do regimes deal with Islamist Parties? • Fear that even moderate Islamist parties may resort to violence or have links to more radical or extremist groups • Recognize the strength of opposition and policies threat • Authoritarian states are in a hard position: o They do not want to completely defame and destroy Islamist parties, but they also do not want them to participate as they threaten their grip on power • Examples: o Algeria 1991 Front of National Liberation (FLN) in power FIS poised to win elections as FLN was very corrupt Army stepped in to stop FIS from taking power Civil war o Jordan 1993 Changed electoral rules at the last minute to limit IAF victory o Egypt and Morocco Main Islamist parties outlawed officially Some run as individuals Get thrown in jail...
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Middle East-Islamist Movements - really are How do regimes...

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