Social Movements

Social Movements - Incapable of influencing policy...

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Week 5: Social Movements Current Events (2/8/11) Algeria o Lifts emergency laws o Huge step in destroying ruling of the autocracy Yemen o Leader wont run again o He will also not put in his son o Made decision based on what has happened in Egypt Syria o Promise for reform o Interview about changes that will occur o Not a lot of specifics Formal and informal social movements Formal o Political parties and elections o NGO’s o Institutions Informal o Opposition movements Types of Social Movements Political Parties o Allow citizens to articulate interest, mobilize votes, support certain policy positions and interest groups o Remain weak in the Arab world
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Unformatted text preview: Incapable of influencing policy Pro-regime bias Clientalistic Take aid from the regime Trust levels are low • Opposition Movements o Include formal opposition parties as well as informal o Blurred line between parties and social movements weak nature of parties pushed leaders toward NGO o Focus on human rights, women’s rights, and democracy promotion o Islamist groups o Can sometimes work with the regime to get things done • Institutions o Civil society and social movements require institutions: Constitutions Laws o Institutions give the civil society structure and impact how it works...
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Social Movements - Incapable of influencing policy...

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