Federalism-Decentraization - Types of presidential powers o...

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Federalism/decentralization Unitary o Central government Federal o Decentralization Focus on local governments o Delegation o National government shares responsibilities with lower levels of government (state) What powers are delegated? o Does the subunit have real autonomy or is it an agent of central government? o Separate taxing authority How are subunit boundaries drawn? o Can create districts that emphasize or repress ethnicity Pros of Federalism: o Voice for minorities o Better representation o Checks and balance States balance the central federal power o F.A Hayek Gain knowledge when more people can have input Judicial Review Lincoln Douglass debate on slavery o State rights Separate and independent judiciary o Essential as a check on executive balance Form of the Executive Choice between presidents and prime ministers
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Unformatted text preview: Types of presidential powers o Veto and decree Types of Electoral systems Plurality vs. PR o Decisiveness vs. resoluteness o Party discipline (PR) vs. closeness to constituencies (plurality) o Closed list (PR) vs. Open list (plurality) Design Parameters o Electoral district borders o Length and timing of electoral cycles o Open or closed lists o Adjusting districting Judiciary Common law or civil law? Hw independent of other branches? o Who appoints justices o Accountability Enforcement of the law? Balances System Ranking Classic Westminster Parliamentary Premier- presidential Presidential with plurality Parliamentary with fragmented partied Presidential with fragmented parties...
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Federalism-Decentraization - Types of presidential powers o...

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