Psych-Stress - o Resistance Is stressor is prolonged...

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Stress Pattern of responses that an organism makes to stimulus events that disturb its equilibrium and tax or exceed its ability to cope o Distress vs. eustress Distress- stress that causes negative feelings Losing a job Eustress- causes positive feelings Weddings, graduations, big events o Acute stress States of arousal with clear onset and offset patters Locking out of apartment Stressed for the time, but it can be easily fixed o Chronic Stress State of continuous arousal Demands are perceived as greater than are available resources Stressors The stimulus events that cause the stress reaction Fight or Flight response Prepares the body for combat and struggle or for running away to safety Females o Do not engage in fight or flight response: Tend-and-befriend response General Adaptation syndrome (GAS) Hans Selye Three-stage response o Alarm reaction Prepare the body for activity
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Unformatted text preview: o Resistance Is stressor is prolonged Moderate arousal o Exhaustion Resources depleted Can cause death • Used to explain psychosomatic disorders Major Life events • Life Change Units (LCUs) o Involves some sort of readjustment • Social Readjustment Rating Scale (SRRS) Catastrophic and Traumatic events • PTSD o Persistent re-experiences of traumatic events • Greater exposure to a traumatic events greater mental health issues Health Psyc • Health o General condition of the body and mind in terms of soundness and vigor • The field of HP o Ways people stay healthy o Reasons they will become ill o Ways they respond when they become ill o A persons thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are central to understanding improving health Biopsychosocial model • Includes bio, behavioral, and social conditions o Has to do with health o Circular model...
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Psych-Stress - o Resistance Is stressor is prolonged...

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