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Evaluation of Type and Trait Theories Advantages: o Type and trait theories describe people’s personalities Disadvantages o Type and trait theories do not explain how behavior is generated or how it develops Psychodynamic Theories Psychodynamic Personality Theories o Personality is shaped by and behavior is motivated by powerful inner forces The unconscious Criticism o Did not test theories the way he should have o Did not use children Humanistic Personality Theory Self-actualization o Constant striving to realize potential and to develop inherent talents and capabilities
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Unformatted text preview: Criticism o Humanistic terms are fuzzy and difficult to explore o Ignores important environmental variables Assessing Personality • Objective tests o Personality inventories What would you do in this situation? How would you feel if…? o Same scale • Projective Tests o Rorschach Series of stimuli that are purposefully ambiguous Responding in freeform Recap • Type and Trait Personality Theories o Categorizing by type o Describing with traits o Traits and heredity o Do traits predict behavior? o Evaluation of trait theories How to assess personality...
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