14 - o Problems related to social environment o Educational...

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Chapter 14: Psychological Disorders Psychopathology The study of abnormal behavior Psychological disorders do: Cause people significant distress Cause them to harm themselves or others Impair their ability to function in daily life Cultural Relativity The need to consider the unique characteristics of the culture in which behavior takes place Culture-bond syndromes Disorders found only in specific societies or cultural areas o EX: Anorexia DSM IV Diagnostic and statistical manual o Shows all disorders and their symptoms Axis I Clinical Disorders o Major depressive o Schizophrenia o Substance abuse Other conditions o Noncompliance with treatment o Partner relationship problem Axis II Personality disorders o Narcissistic personality disorder o Histrionic personality disorder o Dependent personality disorder Mental retardation Axis III General Medical Conditions o Epilepsy o Heat failure o Diabetes o Obesity Axis IV Psychological and Environmental Problems o Problems with primary support group
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Unformatted text preview: o Problems related to social environment o Educational problems o Occupational problems o Economic problems Axis V • Global assessment of Functioning o Quantitative rating of functioning from 0-100 Multiaxial system: • Analysis of individual on all accounts Anxiety Disorders • Anxiety Disorders o Disorders in which the main system is excessive or unrealistic anxiety and fearfulness • Phobia o Irrational persistent fear of object, situation, or social activity • Agoraphobia o Fear of being in a place or situation from which escape is difficult or impossible • Specific Phobia o Fear of objects or specific situations Claustrophobia Fear of small space Acrophobia Fear of heights • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder o Recurring thoughts or obsessions create anxiety • Panic Disorder o Panic attacks occur frequently • Generalized anxiety disorder o Disorder in which a person has feelings of dread and impending doom...
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14 - o Problems related to social environment o Educational...

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