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10 - th-birth Babies Prewired for Survival • Robert Fantz...

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Chapter 10: Human Development across the life Span Developmental Psychology Interaction between physical and psychological processes Stages of growth from conception throughout the entire life span Normative Investigations Research effort to describe what is characteristic of a specific age or developmental stage this data provides norms or standards Chronological age=actual age Developmental age o Student is 3 yrs old, but at a 5 yr old reading level CA=3, DA=5 Longitudinal Design Same group of people studied over time Cross-Sectional Research Different groups of people o Age, race Prenatal and Childhood Development Zygote o Single-cell zygote is formed at the moment of conception Embryo o Zygote embryo (3 rd -8 th week) Fetus o Embryo fetus (8
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Unformatted text preview: th-birth) Babies Prewired for Survival • Robert Fantz o Born with a definite preference for viewing human faces • Eleanor Gibson and Richard Walk o The visual cliff Babies learn depth curves at 6-8 months Growth and Maturation • Maturation o Age-related physical and behavioral changes characteristic of a species • Influence of heredity and environmental throughout development o EX: bio: children know when to start walking o EX: Enviro: native Americans carry children on backs for a while so they learn to walk slower • Pubescent growth spurt o 10 for girls o 12 for boys o Height, weight, hands and feet grow first • Puberty o Attainment of sexual maturity Production of live sperm Onset of menstruation...
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10 - th-birth Babies Prewired for Survival • Robert Fantz...

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