8 - o Structural ambiguity The mother of the girl and the...

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Chapter 8: Cognitive Process Concept of Cognition Cognition o Processes of knowing- attending, remembering and reasoning Cognitive processes o How you manipulate what you know to find solutions Mental Processes Serial processes o Carried out in order, one after the other Parallel Processes o Carried out simultaneously Attention Processes o Are responsible for distributing the limited processing resources over different tasks Controlled Processes o Require attention Automatic processes o Do not require attention Language Use Language production o What people say, sign, and write o The processes they go through to produce the message Audience Design o Shaping a message depending on the audience o Taking into account what your listener does and does not know Speech Execution and Errors Spoonerism o Exchange of initial sounds of two or more word More likely to occur when the error is with real words Ambiguity o Lexical ambiguity He came from the bank What bank
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Unformatted text preview: o Structural ambiguity The mother of the girl and the boy will arrive soon o Ambiguous sentences produced different patterns of brain activity than control sentences • Cross-species comparisons o Cant work Visual Cognition • Mental Rotation o You see your friend doing a handstand, you can still identify that person Task-switching • task-switch cost o difference in performance for switching tasks versus repeating the same task Working Memory Capacity • High WMC less likely to mind wander during class or difficult tasks Recap • Studying Cognition o Discovering the processes of the mind o Mental process and mental resources • Language Use o Production o Understanding o Language evolution o Language thought and culture • Visual Cognition o Using visual representation o Combining verbal and visual representation • Task-Switching o Task-switching cost • Working Memory capacity o Relationship with controlled attention...
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8 - o Structural ambiguity The mother of the girl and the...

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