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Chapter 2 - then they were before Bargaining • Depends on...

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Chapter 2 Interests Who are the actors What do they want Interactions Actors develop actions that they believe are the best response to the anticipated strategies of others Strategic Interactions o Each actor strategy or plan of action depends on anticipated strategy of other actors Institutions Enforcement and punishment Setting standards of behavior Monitoring and surveillance Help resolve disputes Are not neutral o Controlled by the strongest power Cooperation Two or more actors adopt policies that make them better of
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Unformatted text preview: then they were before Bargaining • Depends on BATNA o BEST o ALTERATIVE o TO o NO o AGREEMENT • The better the BATNA the less you need the agreement and the harder the bargain you can drive • Zero-Sum o Allocating a fixed sum between different actors o Can lead to conflict very easily EX: if one person has more, this must mean I have less • Ability to withstand o Example: Vietnam Ordinal Preferences • Saying you want something more then you want something else • Ties into game theory...
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