Health and Gender

Health and Gender - o Spread of the wealth, medicine, help...

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Health and Gender HIV/AIDS South African case o Access to medicines South Africa passes a law in 1998 to allow parallel importation o 39 US-based pharmaceutical companies do not like this they liked the differential pricing need access to cheaper drugs AIDS became a huge deal in the media o People started to care a lot about the issues o Lead to a movement in the US as well Responsible to developing countries? Should we be helping other countries when we have such issues ourselves? Vertical delivery vs. Horizontal capacity Vertical delivery o Top down approach Pouring money into an issue o Rich countries put together programs to help other countries o The vertical approach is not meeting the needs of the world There is a concentration on the “popular” or profitable drugs, not the most needed drugs Horizontal Capacity o Ability of the country to get help to its population
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Unformatted text preview: o Spread of the wealth, medicine, help o Vertical delivery my be hindering a countries ability to meet the needs of all its people Gender: Womens rights Convention on the Elimination of all forms of discrimination against women (CEDAW) o UN committee o Protection of womens right and opportunities Very complicated issue when it goes into other countries with different cultures and customs Sovereignty, Respect for other cultures, and human rights Very hard to put a stop to something due to a countries sovereignty People perceive a want to help as imperialism Insist of top down legal change? Or invest in resources partnering with NGOs and indigenous womens groups? o RAWA Indigenous group fighting for their rights (Pakistan) Education for females is extremely important o...
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Health and Gender - o Spread of the wealth, medicine, help...

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