Health and Gender

Health and Gender - o Spread of the wealth medicine help o...

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Health and Gender HIV/AIDS South African case o Access to medicines South Africa passes a law in 1998 to allow parallel importation o 39 US-based pharmaceutical companies do not like this they liked the differential pricing need access to cheaper drugs AIDS became a huge deal in the media o People started to care a lot about the issues o Lead to a movement in the US as well Responsible to developing countries? Should we be helping other countries when we have such issues ourselves? Vertical delivery vs. Horizontal capacity Vertical delivery o Top down approach Pouring money into an issue o Rich countries put together programs to help other countries o The vertical approach is not meeting the needs of the world There is a concentration on the “popular” or profitable drugs, not the most needed drugs Horizontal Capacity o Ability of the country to get help to its population
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Unformatted text preview: o Spread of the wealth, medicine, help o Vertical delivery my be hindering a countries ability to meet the needs of all its people Gender: Women’s rights • Convention on the Elimination of all forms of discrimination against women (CEDAW) o UN committee o Protection of women’s right and opportunities • Very complicated issue when it goes into other countries with different cultures and customs Sovereignty, Respect for other cultures, and human rights • Very hard to put a stop to something due to a countries sovereignty • People perceive a want to help as imperialism • Insist of top down legal change? Or invest in resources partnering with NGOs and indigenous women’s groups? o RAWA Indigenous group fighting for their rights (Pakistan) • Education for females is extremely important o...
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Health and Gender - o Spread of the wealth medicine help o...

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